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People often think that franchise companies make all the money...  but that's not the case when you have the right franchise organization as your partner! 


Great franchises realize that their success means that you must be successful and happy, too.  When you think about it...  doesn't that just make common sense?

These franchisors are literally looking for capable, qualified future owners, many of whom are people just like you!

Franchising’s not just about food anymore.  Today there are terrific franchise opportunities in more industries than you can probably even think of.  It's critically important not to make assumptions about franchising in general or specific franchises...  because the likelihood is that many of those assumptions will be wrong!  Learn the facts first. 

There are some great franchise opportunities still available in your area right now.  But sooner or later, the best franchises sell out in many areas...  oftentimes sooner.  So if you’re seriously thinking about owning a franchise business, it’s to your benefit to learn about these opportunities now while the best territories are still available.

You don't need experience in a particular industry.  The premier franchise organizations teach you everything you'll need to know.  Then they continue to provide great ongoing support.  Helping you become a successful franchisee makes them a successful franchisor!

There are enormous benefits that franchising provides that you can’t accomplish as successfully on your own.  They’ve already figured out their “secret sauce” with their money, not yours.  They’ve identified who their target customers are and how to best reach and retain them as repeat customers. 

Due to the economies of scale that franchise organizations have developed with their network of franchise owners, they have stronger buying power in just about every category:  central call centers, advertising, marketing, cost of goods sold (“COGS”), General & Administrative costs (“G&A”), equipment, furniture, leasing, buildout, etc, all of which will save you money both initially and going forward.

Among the most important aspects of a proven and successful franchise is that they know the attributes and skill sets displayed by their most successful franchise owners.  As a result, these top franchisors only “award” franchises to people who demonstrate those same characteristics, greatly increasing their opportunity for success...  & yours!  In fact, the most successful franchise organizations often turn down more candidates that they accept.  

There's a lot more to learn about franchising that we'll discuss.  For now, suffice it to say that opening a business through franchising is one of the very best ways to go into business for yourself...  but not by yourself! 

Why Franchising?

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