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If Not Now, When?

Are you graduating, completing your military service, or looking for your next job or career?  If you're in Corporate America are you tired of it yet?


  • If you're under 40, owning a franchise is really a great way to jumpstart your career as the owner of your own business. And 40 isn't as far away as you think!


  • If you're over 40, by now you know that age discrimination is real after all.  Even if you could find a job, you'd be lucky to be working for someone who's 1/2 your age, knows 1/2 as much as you, for 1/2 the pay... & last hired is the 1st fired in the next recession...  & there's always the next recession... always! 

Regardless of how old you are today, or what your current career status is, when would be a better time for you to learn about starting your own business through franchising to make money for yourself (& family) instead of for others, increase your savings, and increase your financial net worth? 

The answer is the sooner the better...  unless you think you'd be better off waiting until you're another 5 or 10 years older.  Because 5 or 10 years from now, you will face age discrimination (if you haven’t already).  You'll have less energy than you have now.  And you'll have missed out on getting that "jumpstart" of a few years when you could have already been building-up your business and savings...  maybe even cutting back a bit to enjoy what you've worked so hard to achieve...  instead of just getting started years from now.  And if you did miss that "jumpstart", you've still got time to use all the skill-sets you've developed, along with the knowledge you've learned over a lifetime, to protect your future and retirement years. 

No matter how old you are, each year that passes you'll be facing worse age discrimination.  As a result, you'll find yourself in the situation of being forced to check-out business ownership as the only truly realistic alternative whether you want to or not…  and probably kick yourself for not having at least looked into franchises before.  I talk with people in these circumstances virtually every day. 

Many of them asked the same questions you may be asking yourself now.  Like you, perhaps, they never really thought about being their own boss, owning their own business, controlling their own future.  When they finally took a little bit of time to learn about franchising, just about every one of them had the same reaction:  if I could do it over again, I wish I had learned about franchise ownership much sooner!  


At the very least, instead of making erroneous assumptions, shouldn't you learn the "real facts" about franchising now, whether or not you decide to buy a franchise?  FYI, years ago even I thought I understood what franchising was about.  But it turned out that I had a lot of misconceptions, too.  Then I took the time to really learn about franchising...  both the positives & the negatives and was amazed by what I learned. 

The fact is that a job is never secure anymore.  A career is no longer secure.  No one gets a gold watch after working 20 years with the same company.  Whether you’re downsized, laid-off or furloughed (‘nice’ euphemisms for being fired), forced into retirement, a victim of one or more mergers & acquisitions, lost your job due to COVID...  really ask yourself this question: 

Do I owe it to my family, do I owe it to myself, to find out if franchising is right for me? 



Carpe Diem…  Seize the Day!

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